• High Elf Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower / Lothern Skycutter. № 87-16

When the swift Hawkships of Lothern slip from their moorings, they are accompanied to the open sea by Skycutters - sleek, airborne chariots that rest upon a cushion of magic and are drawn into battle by the Swiftfeather Rocs that nest along the Glittering Coast.

The Lothern Skycutter is a most striking and beautiful model. At the front of the model flies an eagle, with options for personalisation - as well as different heads, the wings and claws can be raised or lowered. The avian pulls a glorious chariot, which features elegantly curved balustrades and sail-like wings. The prows have different narwhal designs, tillers, as well as various pennants to hang off the back. Helping ensure the Skycutter dominates the heavens, a crew stands onboard clutching spear and bow, and there is the option to equip the chariot with an Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower, whose steel shots are far reaching. The kit comes with a High Elf Lord who wears a dynamic cloak (though he can be built without it) as well resplendent armour, and who carries a shield and a special standard, though there is another hand variant in the kit. The High Elf Lord can even be displayed separately on a sculpted base, which features ancient ruins and twisting vines. He stands one foot raised atop a rock - or, if on the chariot, with his foot raised nobly up on the prow.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 74 components with which to make a Lothern Skycutter (with option for a High Elf Lord on foot).

High Elf Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower / Lothern Skycutter. № 87-16

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  • Код товара: 87-16
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