• Army Book Warhammer: Dwarfs (на английском языке).

Proud, stubborn and unyielding, the Dwarfs are battle hardened and tenacious warriors. In their long history they have endured tragic losses and faced countless hardships. Their weapons and armour are the stuff of legend - as is their ability to hold a grudge!

Warhammer: Dwarfs is a 96-page full-colour hardcover army book, it contains:
The stories and history of the Dwarfs.
A description and rules for every Dwarf unit, hero and war machine in the army.
An army list to arrange your collection of Citadel miniatures into a battle-ready force.
Rules for crafting bespoke runic items, accompanied by illustrations of all the runes used by Dwarfs.
A showcase of expertly painted Dwarf Citadel miniatures with colour schemes and heraldry for a selection of legendary dwarf clans and holds.

Army Book Warhammer: Dwarfs (на английском языке).

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