• GF9 "Grey Stuff" : Basic Epoxy (sculpting putty). № GFM320

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“Grey Stuff” is ideal for sculpting master miniatures (15mm – 120 mm scale). It yields superb results when used for converting and assembling models and miniatures; it’s also perfect to fill gaps in “build-up” kits. “Grey Stuff” is professionally proven to produce consistent results and stunning original sculptures.

ProCreate's features and benefits make it a superior for sculptors and modelers:

• No shrinkage.
• Extremely smooth texture.
• Long work life.
• Customizable Formula yields different consistencies.
• Superior ability to hold fine detail.
• No baking needed.
• Withstands up to four vulcanizations.

GF9 "Grey Stuff" : Basic Epoxy (sculpting putty). № GFM320

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